SHE DID IT! Grandma With Diabetes for 40 Years Bicycles Across America

Tracy's Journey

At 17 years old, Tracy Herbert was told she would be dead in 20 years, die with horrible complications, and never be able to have children. Now, 40 years later Tracy has no complications, healthy kids, and just rode her bicycle across the United States. She left the Golden Gate Bridge June 13th on her epic 3,527-mile bicycle trek and completed her ride at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City on September 13th.

The bicycle ride across America started off as a way to “celebrate” living 40 years with Type 1 diabetes but quickly evolved to encourage and inspire others with diabetes that they can also live a long healthy life. Now her focus is on continuing to provide hope for children, along with providing life-saving technology that so many children desperately need and aren’t able to receive. Many parents are finding their health insurance won’t cover the needs of their children, or the out-of-pocket expense is too high. 

Tracy told the kids she met along the ride, “If this old lady who has had Type 1 diabetes for almost 40 years can ride her bicycle across the country, what is stopping you from reaching your dreams?!”  So now what? She is continuing her goal of reducing the epidemic rise of diabetes in the United States and is setting up a foundation to help raise funds for children with Type 1 diabetes.

Tracy Herbert is a bestselling author, has been featured numerous times on TV, and recently spoke at Harvard about living successfully with diabetes. In May of 2016, she wrote “Diabetes Tragedy to Triumph” which chronicles the life plan and success over her 40-year journey of living with Type 1 diabetes. Tracy is available for interviews with TV, radio, newspapers, and other media outlets.  To contact Tracy, please visit or contact Tracy directly 817-915-6311.

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